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About Me

Photography, in particular nature photography has been a passion of mine for most of my life.

Only thing was I never had the time (or the money) to persue it.

After retiring in 2013, the first of those two problems has been solved (still working on the second).

My partner Barbara and I have been travelling the country in our caravan, chasing mainly new birds, we have been lucky enough to spend plenty of time wandering in the bush and everywhere we can, taking photos of birds, bugs and anything else that flies, crawls, hops or slithers around the place.

This page is a migration from my old Pixelpost site and is at this point in time (March 2020) a work in progress. I have taken 10 years to get to this point and it will probably take me another 10 to get all the information over from my old site.

My main focus when starting this site was to photograph birds, that interest has bled out into all living critters. Please excuse my ID's, they are incomplete and in many cases just plain wrong. I am by no means an expert! 

Feel free to contact me and correct my ID's if you feel the need. 

I'm still thinking about whether I'll sell photos or make them available for non-profits for free. At the moment photos are not downloadable from this site but by all means contact me and I'll make them available to you. All I ask in return at this stage is recognition.